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Katerina Pouliasi

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Aikaterini Pouliasi studied Kindergarten Teacher and Animator. She worked for many years in various fields related to children's education and entertainment. Today she works as a kindergarten teacher in Public education.

She studied painting in various workshops. One of her most important painting studies is the one she completed at the Hellenic Center for Art and Culture with teacher Antonis Kourtikakis. There she was taught the history of art and culture, as well as techniques such as: fresco-mural painting, caustic, watercolor, sculpture, glazed, mosaic, etc.

Among her solo exhibitions, she stands out on the topic of "Timelessness of the crisis". She has also made a number of group exhibitions. Her works are in public and private collections.

She has attended the Department of Creative Writing of EKEBI (National Book Center). She mainly writes poetry and texts for children. Interviews and texts related to her writing and painting activities have been included in various media: radio and television-internet channels, print and online press.

“With color, with the ink

     I create life, and

With good mood every                 moment I live”